Student IDs

Upon enrollment, students are required to obtain a College Identification Card from the Security Office. A tuition payment receipt and picture I.D. must be validated each semester of attendance.

  • This card must be carried at all times and is to be shown for identification upon the request of any security officer, faculty member, administrator, or student leader.
  • Lending this card to anyone or failure to present it when requested by authorized personnel is a violation of school regulations and subjects the holder to disciplinary action.
  • This card should be returned to the security office when a student withdraws from the College.
  • Loss should be reported immediately to the Security Office. Cost of replacement is $2.00.

Campus Security performs random/periodic ID checks to ensure the safety of all students and to discourage unauthorized personnel on its campuses.


Vehicles used on College property must be registered at the College Security Office in Building M100, Room M117, Sumter Main Campus, Kershaw County Campus, F.E. DuBose Campus, or Lee County Site. Vehicle registration must be repeated each academic year. The registrant must present a valid driver’s license and state vehicle registration certificate, as well as a tuition payment receipt to register a vehicle. Student parking decals are valid for one academic year beginning in the fall. The Central Carolina parking decal must be clearly displayed on the outside of the vehicle’s left (drivers’) side rear bumper or rear window of an automobile for vehicle registration to be complete. As an alternative, a hanging tag may be purchased and is non-refundable.

The Central Carolina registrant of a vehicle is responsible for any parking violations incurred by the vehicle. Vehicles parked on College property without a current, appropriately displayed Central Carolina parking decal/tag or parked in unauthorized areas are subject to be ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense. Parking permits are non-transferable from one vehicle to another. Each vehicle parked on campus must be registered with the security office.

Student parking is available on a first-come-first-served basis for students with a current Central Carolina parking decal. Students may not park in spaces which are reserved for the handicapped or visitors. Students parking in areas marked for visitors or handicapped will be ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense. Anyone — faculty, students, or visitors — without a handicapped decal will be ticketed if the vehicle is parked in the reserved handicapped spaces.

Central Carolina is not responsible for damage or theft of a vehicle or the contents of the vehicle on college property.

The USC parking lot can be used as overflow parking for CCTC students (at no additional charge). This USC lot is accessible from Theatre and Stoddard Drives. It is the large parking lot behind not next to the USC library. Parking in any USC lots other than the one indicated will require a USC parking permit or will result in parking fines by USC.
Central Carolina Technical College
Parking Hanging Tags

  • Faculty/staff and student hanging tags are available for a fee of $20.00 per year.
  • Fees must be paid to the cashier, and the receipt presented to the security office prior to issuance.
  • Hanging tags must be displayed unobstructed from the rear view mirror of the vehicle.
  • Failure to display the hanging tag properly could result in a ticket for improper display or no parking decal.
  • Hanging tags may be moved from one vehicle to another; however each vehicle’s license plate must be registered with the security office.
  • Hanging tags are valid for one academic calendar year beginning with the fall semester, and are not prorated throughout the year.
  • Hanging tag fees will not be refunded.