Acceptable Use – The use of computing resources must be in support of official College business or education and research and must comply with federal, state, local and college laws, regulations and policies.

Privileges – The use of computing resources is a privilege. By participating in the use of these resources, you agree to be subject to and abide by this Acceptable Use Agreement. Willful violation of this agreement will be treated as misconduct and subject to appropriate disciplinary action. Illegal or immoral activities will be reported to proper authorities.

General Use Rules for Computing Resources:
1. Wear your Central Carolina ID when using computers on campus.
2. Follow established procedures when your use computers on campus.
3. Protect your myCCTC username and password by not allowing others to access it.
4. Conserve expensive resources by avoiding excessive printing or wasting computer time.
5. Do not make unauthorized changes to the settings on computer hardware or software.
6. Do not use computing resources for playing games or for sending frivolous, obscene, or harassing messages.
7. Be aware that confidentiality and privacy are not guaranteed. Computer use is subject to monitoring.
8. Do not bring children, food or beverages into rooms with Central Carolina computers.
9. Do not use computing resources for private, recreational, commercial or political activities or to threaten, harass or intimidate others.
10. Vandalism, disruption or services, attempting to circumvent security measures, spreading computer viruses or worms, viewing/transmitting pornography, promoting hate sites, installing software or connecting electronic devices is prohibited.
11. You are personally liable for any copyright violations or unauthorized bills incurred.
12. You are responsible for any damages incurred by inappropriate use of computing resources.