The college uses Blackboard/Connect to deploy the following three types of emergency notification alerts to inform faculty/staff and students of emergencies on campus requiring immediate action:

  • Text Messaging: Individuals with cell phone numbers specified in the Banner system are included in the notification delivery. Individuals must opt out in order to be excluded from this service.
  • Broadcast Messaging: The Security/Campus Safety personnel can include broadcasting of emergency messages to classrooms and offices where it is displayed on computer monitors and/or projected onto screens or monitors through computer projection technology.
  • Digital Signage: Digital signs have been installed throughout the college and are used to display emergency messages also.
  • The Emergency Notification System sends emergency alerts in the forms of email, text, and phone calls. Marketing and Communications also will announce emergency alerts through social media and the college website.

These systems are tested at least once a year and combine to provide timely emergency notification to all individuals on any CCTC campus.