BE A TRAILBLAZER! Break the gender barriers

Good jobs are not limited to a specific gender. Find out how you can be a trailblazer to a satisfying, lucrative, non-traditional career.

Non-traditional careers are occupations for which individuals from one gender comprise less than 25% of the workforce. For example, women working in a career field like industrial technology or men working in the field of early childhood education. If you are enrolled in a program area that is nontraditional for your gender, you could qualify for assistance with books and supplies. Find out more about the Special Populations Program. If you have an interest in a non-traditional career path, the status quo should not keep you from following your dream. There are many advantages – for everyone – if the gender barriers are broken!

Non-traditional for Women

The list below shows programs at CCTC that lead to non-traditional career areas for women:

  • Air Conditioning and Heating (Certificate) – 0% women
  • Automotive Diagnostic Technology (Certificate) – 14% women
  • Basic Mechatronics (Certificate) – 19% women
  • Computer Technology (Degree) – 20% women
  • Criminal Justice Technology (Degree) – 58% women
  • Engineering Graphics Technology (Degree) – 20% women
  • Environmental Engineering Technology (Degree) – 29% women
  • Internetworking Cisco (Certificate) – 0% women
  • Natural Resources Management – 32% women
  • Pipe Welding (Certificate) – 0% women
  • Welding (Certificate) – 13% women

Non-traditional for Men

The list below shows programs at CCTC that lead to non-traditional career areas for men:

  • Accounting (Degree) – 24% men
  • Administrative Office Technology (Degree) – 0% men
  • Early Care and Education (Degree) – 3% men
  • Human Services (Degree) – 12% men
  • Medical Assisting (Diploma) – 6% men
  • Medical Records Coding (Certificate) – 5% men
  • Massage Therapy (Certificate) – 21% men
  • Nursing (Degree) – 9% men
  • Nursing Assistant (Certificate) – 4% men
  • Paralegal (Degree) – 13% men
  • Pharmacy Technician (Certificate) – 23% men
  • Surgical Technology (Diploma) – 18% men

Individual Benefits

  • Career fulfillment and success
  • Equality of opportunity
  • Competitive salaries
  • Trailblazer satisfaction!

Employer Benefits

  • Diverse workforce
  • Multiple perspectives and problem-solving styles
  • Match of employee skills to company needs
  • Employee satisfaction and long-term loyalty  

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