Enjoy the convenience of online learning and have fewer trips to the campus by enrolling in one or more online (Internet and hybrid) courses.

Distance Learning: The mission of the Distance Learning Department is to provide leadership of the distance education program; provide excellent service to students, faculty, and staff; maintain the online learning management system; ensure quality and integrity within the instructional process; provide appropriate and secure access; and promote innovative methods to support and enhance teaching and learning.

Distance Learning offerings at Central Carolina Technical College utilize one or more technologies to deliver instruction to students who are separated from the instructor by time or distance. These methods may include the use of electronic learning management systems for online and hybrid delivery of courses and/or Web or videoconferencing technologies. Central Carolina’s distance education courses provide regular and substantive interaction between the students and the instructor, either synchronously or asynchronously.

All Distance Learning courses at CCTC provide regular and substantive interaction between the students and the instructor, either synchronously or asynchronously, and provide the same student learning outcomes as its traditional counterpart. It should be noted that distance education courses are recommended for students who possess the requisite technology skills and personal learning behaviors.

Online Courses: Online or Internet courses are taught online using our online learning management system, D2L. Online courses are designated by a “D” section. For example, ENG 101 D20 is taught online. An online section does not have a scheduled on-campus class. You may be required to utilize a webcam and microphone with proctoring software. You will need to plan to spend a good deal of time online, reading, and completing assignments. You will access your online course through myCCTC or by direct login to D2L.

Hybrid Courses: Hybrid courses are a combination of both face-to-face meetings and online components. At CCTC, the most common scenario is a once per week class meeting combined with other course components completed online in D2L. Hybrid courses are designated by a “H” in the section number. For example, ENG 101 H20 has both on-campus and online components. The on-campus dates and times will be printed on your schedule. You will need to plan for your classroom meetings as well as a good deal of time online, reading, and completing assignments. You will access your hybrid course through myCCTC or by direct login to D2L.

Zoom Courses: Zoom courses are taught by an instructor using Zoom online webinar software. Zoom courses are designated by a “Z” section. For example, MGT 240 Z20 is taught using Zoom. Students are required to have a computer (Mac or PC) with a strong Internet connection, a microphone, and speakers or a headset. Zoom classes are synchronous classes, which means the students have to be participating in the webinar at the time of the instruction. The instructor will teach from his/her office and the students can participate from anywhere they have a reliable Internet connection, webcam, and headphones. The instructor will provide a link for the Zoom class and students will click on the link to sign into the meeting. D2L will be heavily utilized for sharing of resources/documents, testing, submission of assignments, online discussions, etc.

D2L Brightspace Orientation: A free orientation course is available in D2L beginning at least one week prior to the first day of class. Students who are new to the college will be enrolled in the D2L Brightspace Orientation, which shows the basics of using D2L.

Textbooks: Books for online courses can be purchased through the College’s online Bookstore or another vendor. To purchase from the College’s Bookstore, go to http://bookstore.cctech.edu. Select Textbooks from the top menu bar and then complete the selection and ordering process. For specific questions about textbooks, please contact the Bookstore at 803-774-3342 or email neiljm@cctech.edu.

How to be a successful online student:

  • Manage your time. Treat the online course like a face-to-face course and set up a work schedule for EACH course. You should plan to spend about 6-8 hours per week on each course – even more if it’s an 8-week course!
  • Read. You will have to read a lot in an online course. Read everything – multiple times – until it sticks!
  • Ask questions. Click on your instructor’s name in the Classlist to start an email to the instructor. Check for the response in your myCCTC email.
  • Be proactive. Complete assignments early. You never know when you will have technical or other issues, so don’t wait to the last minute!
  • Be persistent. Don’t give up if you can’t figure something out. Ask for help, but ask early. Don’t wait until something is due or you are totally frustrated.
  • Be aware of attendance methods for the course. In an online course, you must actively participate. Your attendance is measured by the submission of assignments, taking of quizzes, discussions, etc. Be very active in your course or else you will risk being dropped from the class for lack of attendance.
  • Be a part of the class. Get to know your instructor and classmates. You’ll get a lot more from the class if you immerse yourself in it.
  • Enjoy! Take time to congratulate yourself on doing something great. You are gaining knowledge that will transform your life.

For special accommodations, contact:


User Support Services

(803) 778-6607, ext. 207


Distance Learning

(803) 774-3389, ext. 389 or (803) 774-3343, ext. 343