CCTC Graduation Students
CCTC Graduation Students

Central Carolina Technical College looks forward to welcoming families and friends to the annual Commencement ceremonies as we recognize and celebrate the academic achievements of our students. 

Commencement ceremonies are held annually in the month of May at the conclusion of the spring semester. Students must have completed their program in the fall or be pending completion for spring or summer in order to participate.

Graduation Application

Students should apply for graduation prior to the advertised deadline during the final semester of their program. Students can submit a graduation application online in myCCTC or may complete the PDF Graduation Application and submit to

Graduation Application Deadlines

Fall Graduates: December 1
Spring & Summer Graduates: April 1

Students who apply after the deadline may not be published in the Commencement program.

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Graduation Requirements

CCTC Graduation Requirements

To satisfy requirements for graduation, students must:

  • Complete all required courses for the curriculum program, including electives.
  • Earn a program grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 for all curriculum work in the program in which the student is graduating.
  • Meet the program residency requirement by completing at least 25% of the required courses at Central Carolina Technical College. Some programs have more stringent residency requirements. In addition, no more than 50% of the total credit hours in a student’s program can be awarded for advanced standing and substantive work experience.
  • Fulfill all financial obligations, including all fees and the return of all books and materials to the library.
  • Submit a Graduation Application.

Students must complete curriculum requirements as stated in the College catalog in effect at the time of their enrollment at Central Carolina Technical College. Students who discontinue their enrollment for a period of one year or longer must meet the requirements of the program at the time of their re-entry. 

It is the responsibility of each student to meet graduation requirements in their program of study and to maintain at least the minimum required GPA. Advisors will guide students but the final responsibility for program completion belongs to the student. 

Awarding and Mailing of Degrees, Diplomas, and Certificates

CCTC Graduation Awarding and Mailing Degrees

Degrees, diplomas and certificates are posted to a student’s academic record after final verification that all graduation requirements have been met.

Degrees, diplomas and certificates will be mailed to graduates within one month of program completion providing the student has submitted a graduation application. Graduates should ensure their mailing address is correct on their academic record. Students may verify their address by clicking the “Personal Information” link located on the Student page in myCCTC. 

The name listed on your academic records (legal name) is the name that will appear in the Commencement program and on your degree, diploma or certificate. If you desire to change your name, official documentation is required and should be presented to Student Records. If your name is changed after your award is produced, you will be required to pay a $25 fee for an award with your updated name. 

Contact Student Records at (803) 778-6654 or if you have a question regarding an address or name change.

Graduation Honors

CCTC Graduation Honors Section

Graduates achieving a cumulative GPA of:

  • 3.500-3.699 will be designated as Cum Laude
  • 3.700-3.899 will be designated as Magna Cum Laude
  • 3.900-4.000 will be designated as Summa Cum Laude

Graduates who achieve graduation honors in the fall and/or spring semester are recognized during the annual Commencement ceremony.

An honors seal will be placed on the degree, diploma or certificate of graduates achieving honors at the end of the semester in which the program of study is completed.

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)

PTK members in good standing will have PTK beside their name on the Commencement program and will be eligible to wear the Phi Theta Kappa stole and tassel during the graduation ceremony. A Phi Theta Kappa seal will be placed on the degree of PTK members who have a 3.25 GPA during the semester in which they complete their program. 

Financial Aid Federal Loan Exit Counseling

Students who have received a subsidized, unsubsidized or PLUS loan(s) under the Direct Loan Program must complete exit counseling when they graduate or leave school. To prevent delays in acquiring transcripts after graduation, students should complete the Federal Loan Exit Counseling within 30 days prior to graduation.