Graduation Application Deadlines:

Fall Graduates: December 1
Spring & Summer Graduates: April 1

Students who apply after the deadline may. not be listed in the commencement program.

It is the responsibility of each student to meet the graduation/program completion requirements of the College in his or her particular program of study and to maintain at least the minimum required grade point average. Counselors and faculty advisors will guide students, but the final responsibility for program completion/graduation belongs to the student.

Academic Residency Requirements
Students must complete at least 25% of the required course work in residence to be eligible to receive a certificate, diploma, or degree from Central Carolina Technical College. Students who have established residency and desire to take courses at other regionally accredited institutions for transfer to Central Carolina Technical College must receive prior approval from the department chair/program manager of the program in which they are enrolled and the registrar. No more than 50% of the total credit hours in a degree program major can be awarded to a student for advanced standing and substantive work experiences.
To graduate from a program and receive a degree, diploma, or certificate, a student must:

Complete a core of general education courses as follows:

  • The core for associate degree programs (at least 15 semester hours) must include at least one course from each of the following areas: the humanities/fine arts, the social/behavioral sciences, and the natural sciences/mathematics and provide components designed to ensure competence in reading, writing, oral communication, and fundamental mathematical skills
  • The core for diploma programs (at least 8 semester hours) is designed to develop communication, computational, behavioral, and social science skills appropriate to the occupational purpose of the program
  • Complete all required courses for the curriculum program, including electives
  • Demonstrate achievement of program outcome
  • Earn a program GPA (grade-point average) of 2.0 for all curriculum work in the program in which the student is graduating
  • Fulfill all financial obligations, including all fees and the return of all books and materials to the Library
  • Apply to graduate online (in your myCCTC account)

Students MUST complete curriculum requirements as stated in the College catalog in effect at the time of their enrollment at Central Carolina Technical College. Students who discontinue their enrollment for a period of one year or longer must meet the requirements of the program at the time of their re-entry.

Central Carolina Technical College holds graduation ceremonies each academic year. Ceremonies are held at the Sumter Civic Center in May, and graduates from December, May and August of the academic year are encouraged to participate.