Central Carolina Technical College affirms the values of excellences, integrity, and innovation. Academic integrity is an important element of our values. The Academic Integrity Honor Code holds students to high academic and personal behavior standards. The Academic Integrity Honor Code emphasizes the importance of academic integrity, personal pride, honor and accountability; and these are the standards to which students are expected to adhere in the academic environment whether or not they are explicitly asked in advance to do so.

I pledge the work in this course will be my own.
I pledge not to allow others to copy or present my work as their work.
I pledge not to commit any acts of plagiarism.
I pledge to cite and reference any work obtained from resources.
I  pledge not to lie, cheat, or steal to gain academic advantage.
I pledge to oppose every instance of academic dishonesty.
I understand that any act of academic dishonesty is a direct violation of the Student Code and will have consequences, up to and including failing the course, as outlined in the College Catalog and Student Handbook.