The faculty, administrators, and staff of Central Carolina Technical College believe that it is in the best interest of our students to implement an attendance policy that will promote academic success and effective workplace skills as required by employers. The following policy is effective Fall 2014 semester.

  • The attendance policy of Central Carolina Technical College states that a student may not be absent for more than 20 percent of the attendance period which begins with the first day of class and ends with the date designated as withdrawal deadline.
  • An absence is defined as missing the entire class session. Students coming in late (tardy) after the instructor has taken roll, or leaving before class is dismissed, will incur a one half (1/2) absence.
  • Absences in excess of 20 percent of the attendance period will result in a grade of WA (Attendance Withdrawal).
  • Each instructor will clearly define to each class how many absences equate to “20 percent” of the attendance period.
  • When the student’s absences exceed 20 percent of the attendance period, the instructor will drop the student from the class by recording a grade of “WA”.
  • Students in a class after the withdrawal deadline will receive a grade of A, B, C, D, F, or I.
  • If students have extenuating circumstances that cause them to exceed the 20 percent limit on absences, they may present documentation for each absence to the department chair/program manager of the appropriate department. Such documentation may support a grade change from “WA” to “W”.
  • Individual departments may have more stringent requirements than those stated in this attendance policy. If departmental requirements are more stringent, the departmental requirements will be communicated to students in the course syllabi and/or departmental orientation.

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