Applicants applying for admission to credit programs must complete the College’s ACCUPLACER® Placement Test and Computer Technology Placement Test for course placement unless otherwise exempt. Placement tests are the mechanism by which students are placed into general education courses. When students are placed into developmental studies courses, it is expected students will progress through the designated sequence of courses.

Some programs may require other admissions tests. Exemptions to taking the College’s ACCUPLACER® Placement Test are granted if any one of the following criteria is met:

  • The applicant has attained the minimum Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) score or American College Test (ACT) score at the required level for the program in which the applicant plans to enroll.
  • The applicant has earned the appropriate score for advanced placement credit in English and/or Math on CLEP and/or AP exams that are recognized by the College.
  • The applicant has successfully completed Central Carolina Technical College’s placement test within the previous five years.
  • The applicant has earned at least an associate degree or higher from or earned a grade of “C” or better in appropriate English and Math courses from institutions accredited through an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education located at
  • The applicant is not pursuing an academic award and desires to be admitted to take a specific course(s). The applicant must have met all course prerequisites.

If none of the above exemptions applies, the student will need to placement test for the appropriate subject area. It is recommended that students see an Admissions Counselor for advisement prior to attempting to test to determine if any exemptions apply.

Next Generation ACCUPLACER® Placement Test

The Next Generation ACCUPLACER Placement Test is an untimed computer-based placement test, which measures skills in Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra and Statistics, and Advanced Algebra and Functions. There are approximately 20 multiple-choice questions per test. Test questions are based on the student’s responses. Questions will either increase or decrease in difficulty and in point value depending on how you respond. This test is an important step in the admissions process at Central Carolina Technical College.

How do I prepare for the Next Generation ACCUPLACER® Placement Test?

Practice with the free study app which can be used either on a computer or smartphone or download and practice using free sample questions. Both the Study App and downloadable sample questions feature practice questions in Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra and Statistics, and Advanced Algebra and Functions.

Click here to get the FREE ACCUPLACER Study App or to access the FREE Next Generation ACCUPLACER Sample Questions.

Other Placement Tests

Biology Placement Test
An optional Biology Placement Test may be taken for placement into Biology 210 – all course prerequisites must be met in addition to a passing score on the placement test.

AOT 104 or CPT 101 Proficiency Test

Credit earned upon successful completion of a proficiency test is based on the principle that the student has already acquired knowledge identical to that of the course’s content. Eligibility for taking a proficiency test requires the student to complete the college’s admissions procedures, and be admitted into a curriculum program. A student cannot receive credit by proficiency examination for a course for which a student is currently or has previously been enrolled. Click here for upcoming AOT 104 and CPT 101 Proficiency Test dates and test procedures.

Visit the link below for more information on earning credit through departmental proficiency:

Proficiency Testing

Scheduling Testing

Students can make a testing appointment using Testing Services Registration, which is conveniently available 24 hours a day. For Testing Services locations and hours of operation, click here.

You will need to bring a valid government-issued photo ID, or a student ID when you come to test. 

The College’s Retesting Policy for Placement Tests

  • All students wishing to retest must wait 5 workdays after their last test date, unless waived by an Admissions Counselor. A Testing Retest Eligibility Form is required from an Admissions Counselor.
  • Students can test twice at no charge. If a third attempt is necessary, a $25.00 fee is charged for each retest.
  • Students can retest on the ACCUPLACER® Placement Test to place higher into any of the Reading, English, or Mathematics courses. It is recommended that students see an Admissions Counselor for advisement prior to attempting to test out of courses.
  • All Placement Test scores are valid for five (5) years. After five (5) years a student is eligible to test twice at no charge.