Central Carolina Technical College Foundation

Gallery of Art and Expression, Est. May 2017

Central Carolina Technical College Foundation Gallery of Art and Expression is located on the second floor of Building M500 on the Main Campus and is equipped with track lighting and bench seating. Paintings, photographic works, and other mediums are displayed throughout the year.
Artists wishing to have artwork considered for inclusion in upcoming events will complete a submission form and submit a picture of their artwork along with size and weight measurements. If artwork is selected, the artist must personally arrange a meeting with Lisa Callihan to receive the artwork. Each work of art submitted for the exhibit must include a brief biography of the artist and a short description of the artwork. Abbreviated information about the artist and the artwork will be included in the event program and in other promotional materials. The Gallery is open to students, faculty, and staff during the normal operating hours of the Library. Events and exhibits will be publicized on the plasmas and through social media. For more information, please contact Lisa Callihan at:

Lisa Callihan

Instructor, Humanities and Social Sciences

(803) 778-6666, ext. 266