• Search for jobs suited for Central Carolina Technical College students/alumni.
  • Upload your résumé so that it can be searched by employers if you so authorize.
  • Review your job search history.
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Online Resources

CollegeCentral.com – Search job opportunities. Post and create online resumes and portfolios.

Big Interview

Big Interview – Get hands-on practice with mock interviews tailored to your specific industry, job and experience level. Complete career-readiness curriculum or assignments; and receive completion certificates.

What can I do with this major?

What Can I Do with this Major? – This site will help you explore college majors and connect majors to careers. Learn about the typical career areas and the types of employers that hire people with each major, as well as strategies to make you a more marketable candidate.


TypeFocus is a self-paced, online career assessment and education planning tool for college students. Click on “Register” and Access Code is: cctc009

Unlimited access to Glassdoor’s information about salaries, employees’ opinions
about employers, sample interview questions asked by employers, job postings.