Credit earned upon successful completion of a departmental proficiency examination is offered by some departments based on the principle that the student has already acquired knowledge identical to that of a course’s content.

Procedures to Obtain Credit by Proficiency Examination

  • Obtain a Proficiency Test Form from the Department Chair/Program Manager of the department in which the course resides.
  • Pay $25 refundable fee per exam. The $25 administrative fee is waived for high school student seeking secondary school articulation credit.
  • Exam will be scheduled by Department Chair/Program Manager.
  • Results will be sent to the Office of the Registrar who will notify you by email the results of the examination.

You cannot receive credit by examination for a course equivalent to or at a lower level than the course in which you are currently enrolled, or a course for which you have previously enrolled or previously received a grade.
You may not challenge any course that has been previously audited.
You may not take a proficiency test more than once.

All prerequisites must be met before taking a proficiency examination.
Credit awarded based on a departmental proficiency examination cannot be included as part of your credit load.

If credit is awarded, a grade of “E” will be entered on your transcript.
Proficiency examinations are not available for ENG 101, English Composition I; ENG 102, English Composition II; SPC 205, Public Speaking; literature courses; and other selected courses (see course department chair for details).