Central Carolina Technical College recognizes that work related activities may provide a student with the opportunity to master skills and gain experience while on the job, which may meet the competencies of some college course work. The College may award exemption (E) credit for that course.

Procedures for consideration of substantive work experience for awarding of credit:

The academic dean and the department chair/program manager must receive one or more of the following documents:

  • Letter from your supervisor on official company letterhead stating the work tasks you complete while on the job. This should be a detailed description of job duties with quantitative descriptions where appropriate.
  • A copy of the your position description or similar type of document expressing in detail the work tasks required in the execution of your position, along with a letter from the supervisor on official company letterhead verifying the accuracy of the position description

The student must meet the following requirements:

  • Be enrolled in an academic program at Central Carolina Technical College
  • Be attending classes in the semester the exemption credit is awarded.
  • Both documents must be signed and dated by your employer
  • Both documents must be signed and dated by your employer
  • No documents over six months old will be accepted
  • Your department chair/program manager may recommend that credit be awarded if you meet the above criteria. If credit is awarded, you will be notified by email.
  • General education courses offered at Central Carolina Technical College are exempt from consideration for receiving credit for work experience.

Awarding Credit for Professional Certificates

A student who has been admitted to Central Carolina Technical College and has mastered competencies in a non-academic setting may receive course credit based on earning a professional certificate. The student may be granted credit for professional certificate(s) that demonstrate comparable academic proficiencies and skill levels contained within the content of the credit course for which credit is awarded. Credit must not duplicate credit already awarded. The appropriate academic department chair/program manager, along with the Registrar, will base the credit awarded upon presentation by the student of the most recent professional certificate. The original of the certificate(s) must be presented. A maximum of 12 credit hours can be earned for professional certificate(s). A grade of “E” will be entered on the student’s transcript. If credit is awarded, you will be notified by email.