The Advanced Placement program of the College Entrance Examination Board is accepted by Central Carolina Technical College. In order for credit to be granted, a score of 3 or higher must be attained. The student must request their official score report be sent directly to the Student Records Office by the issuing agency (College Board). The official report must be on file in the Student Records Office before an evaluation will be made. A grade of ‘E’ will be entered on the student’s transcript.

To Receive Credit

  • An official copy of the score report must be sent to the Student Records Office at Central Carolina Technical College
  • You must be currently enrolled in a Central Carolina Technical College program
  • Notification of awarded credit will be sent to your myCCTC email.

TopicAP CourseMin ScoreCCTC Course EquivalentCredit Earned
ArtArt History3ART 101: Art History and Appreciation3
BiologyBiology3BIO 101: Biological Sciences I4
BiologyBiology4 BIO 101: Biological Sciences I
BIO 102: Biological Sciences II
ChemistryChemistry3CHM 110: College Chemistry I4
ChemistryChemistry4 CHM 110: College Chemistry
CHM 111: College Chemistry II
Computer Science Computer Science Principles3CPT 114: Computers and Programming3
Computer ScienceComputer Science:
3CPT 114: Computers and Programming
CPT 236: Intro to Java Programming
EconomicsMacroeconomics3ECO 210: Macroeconomics3
EconomicsMicroeconomics3ECO 211: Microeconomics3
EnglishEnglish Language & Composition
3 ENG 101: English Composition I3
EnglishEnglish Literature & Composition3ENG 101: English Composition I3
English English Language & Composition5ENG 101: English Composition I
ENG 102: English Composition II
English English Literature & Composition5ENG 101: English Composition I
ENG 102: English Composition II
ScienceEnvironmental Science3BIO 205: Ecology
BIO 206: Ecology Lab
Foreign LanguageFrench Language
& Culture
3FRE 101: Elementary French I4
Foreign LanguageFrench Language
& Culture
4 FRE 101: Elementary French I
FRE 102: Elementary French II
Foreign LanguageGerman Language
& Culture
3GER 101: Elementary German I4
Foreign LanguageGerman Language
& Culture
4 GER 101: Elementary German I
GER 102: Elementary German II
Foreign LanguageSpanish Language
& Culture
3SPA 101: Elementary Spanish I4
Foreign LanguageSpanish Language
& Culture
4 SPA 101: Elementary Spanish I
SPA 102: Elementary Spanish II
Foreign LanguageSpanish Literature & Culture3SPA 101: Elementary Spanish I4
Foreign LanguageSpanish Literature & Culture4SPA 101: Elementary Spanish I
SPA 102: Elementary Spanish II
Political ScienceU.S. Government
& Politics
3PSC 201: American Government3
HistoryAfrican American Studies3HIS 131: African American History, 1877-present3
HistoryUnited States History3HIS 201: Discovery to 18773
HistoryUnited States History4 HIS 201: Discovery to 1877
HIS 202: 1877 to Present
HistoryEuropean History3HIS 101: Western Civilization to 16893
HistoryEuropean History4 HIS 101: Western Civilization to 1689
HIS 102: Western Civilization Post 1689
HistoryWorld History3HUM 001: Humanities Non-Equivalent Elective3
MathematicsMath: Calculus AB 3MAT 140: Analytical Geo. & Calculus I4
MathematicsMath: Calculus BC3MAT 140: Analytical Geo. & Calculus I
MAT 141: Analytical Geo. & Calculus II
MathematicsPrecalculus3MAT 110: College Algebra3
MathematicsStatistics3MAT 120: Probability & Statistics3
MusicMusic Theory3MUS 105: Musici Appreciation3
PhysicsPhysics 13PHY 201: Physics I4
PhysicsPhysics 23PHY 202: Physics II4
PhysicsPhysics C:
3PHY 221: University Physics I4
PhysicsPhysics C: Electro & Magnetics3PHY 222: University Physics II4
Social SciencePsychology3PSY 201: General Psychology3

For more information about AP exams or to order an official score report, contact the College Board.

Student Records

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