Central Carolina Technical College has agreements with Francis Marion University that allows students to make the transition to CCTC to FMU as smooth as possible. Recent data shows that students from two-year colleges who transfer to four-year universities are academically more successful than those students who enter directly into the four-year environment.

While the Bridge Programs will enhance eligible students’ transitions to FMU, it is important to keep in mind that the programs do not offer special admissions consideration to students beyond those described in the Bridge Program agreements. All transfer students, including those in the Bridge Programs, must meet the requirements set forth by academic departments at FMU.

In order to be eligible for the FMU Bridge Program, students are required to earn a minimum of 22 credit hours from CCTC and achieve a 2.0 grade point average during their freshman year. Students who satisfy FMU’s Bridge Program academic requirements will be admitted to the university for the subsequent fall semester without being required to resubmit an FMU admission application.

Visit the Francis Marion University website HERE for more information about qualifications and to apply.

Katharine Woolington

PBI Formula Advisor

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