1. Students must contact their guidance counselor or teacher at the high school or career center or the Registrar at Central Carolina Technical College to determine whether specific secondary course work is eligible for articulation and to obtain information on requirements and procedures for requesting exemption credit.
  2. Students requesting exemption credit must complete Section 1 of the Secondary School Articulation Form for each course in which s/he is interested in receiving exemption credit.
  3. The high school or career center teacher will determine if the student has mastered the major course competencies and is eligible to take the proficiency test. If so, the teacher must complete Section 2 of the Secondary School Articulation Form for each course the student is requesting exemption credit.
  4. The high school teacher/official must contact the CCTC program manager (at the email/phone number listed on the Secondary School Articulation Form) to schedule the proficiency test and should submit completed forms to the CCTC program manager/instructor administering the test.
  5. The CCTC program manager/instructor will administer the proficiency test and complete a Proficiency Test Form for each student taking the test, indicating whether the student passed or failed the test.
  6. The CCTC program manager/instructor will submit the completed Secondary School Articulation Forms, Proficiency Test Forms, and graded proficiency tests to the CCTC Registrar.
  7. The CCTC Registrar will provide students with results of the proficiency test and instructions for obtaining exemption credit.
  8. Students must meet all admissions requirements at CCTC and should inform the admissions counselor of pending exemption credit when being admitted to the college.
  9. After the student is admitted to the College, Student Records will post the exemption credit as a grade of “E” on the student’s official CCTC transcript. (“E” grades do not count in a student’s grade point average.)
  10. Exemption credit may apply to a required course in the articulated program or an elective course depending on whether or not the course is listed as required for a specific curriculum in the College catalog. If a student enters a program at CCTC for which the course is not required, the student may use the course as elective credit if permission is granted by the program department chair/program manager.
  11. Students will have no more than two years following high school graduation to complete the secondary articulation procedures and request exemption credit.
  12. A high school student who takes a proficiency test will have his/her Secondary School Articulation Form and Proficiency Test Form (indicating if the student passed) kept on file in the Student Records Office for two years following high school graduation. The graded proficiency test will remain on file in the appropriate department office or Student Records Office for two years following the test date.
  13. Exemption credit earned at CCTC does not imply or guarantee that such credit will be honored by other institutions of higher education.
  14. All proficiency exams will be developed, administered, and scored by Central Carolina Technical College faculty and/or staff.

Click the link below for a list of courses eligible for secondary school articulation credit and to access the Secondary School Articulation Forms referenced in the above procedures.
Articulation Competency