Secondary School Articulation Procedures

Program Manager

Step 1 – CCTC Articulation Procedures for Program Managers

  1. Create Course Profile Sheet(s) for each course that may be articulated.
  2. Send Course Profile Sheet to Public Relations to update Website.

Step 2 – CCTC Articulation Procedures for High School Official for Each Student

  1. Complete Course Profile Sheet for each course to be articulated*.
  2. Complete Student Profile Sheet*.
  3. Get copy of Unofficial High School Transcript.
  4. Provide all the above documents in a sealed envelope on the day of testing to CCTC Program Manager.
  5. Contact CCTC Program Manager for scheduling proficiency test.

*The Course Profile Sheet and Student Profile Sheet may be found here .
Step 3 – CCTC Articulation Procedures for Program Managers

  1. Collect the following documents from high school official or student in a sealed envelope:
  2. Unofficial High School Transcript
  3. Completed Course Profile Sheet for each course
  4. Student Profile Sheet
  5. Give Proficiency Test.
  6. Complete Proficiency Test Form for each student.
  7. Keep a copy of Proficiency Test Form on file.
  8. Submit all documents to CCTC Registrar:
    1. Unofficial High School Transcripts
    2. Completed Course Profile Sheets for each course
    3. Student Profile Sheets
    4. Graded Proficiency Tests
    5. Completed Proficiency Test Forms.