Live Online Tutoring (24×7) with BrainFuse® is also available:

*A maximum of 16 tutoring hours per student per month

To access BrainFuse® through myCCTC:

  • Login to myCCTC
  • Click the Student Tab at the top of the page
  • Under College Services, click on BrainFuse®
  • Select “Live Help” and choose your topic

To access BrainFuse® through D2L:

  • Login to D2L – My Home Page
  • In the “Student Resources” section on the right, click on BrainFuse®
  • Select “Live Help” and choose your topic

Download the app (you will need your BrainFuse® username and password under “My Account”)


LIVE TUTORING – Personalized support when students need it most!
Our certified tutors provide live, on-demand tutoring in a variety of college subjects, customized for your institution. Tutors and students communicated in real time through the BrainFuse® Online Classroom. Whatever a student types, draws or shares on the screen, the tutor sees and vice-versa. Our platform records all sessions for later review. Audio is also available through VoIP or a toll-free conference bridge. Live tutoring available for topics in business, computer & technology, English, math and science.
WRITING LAB – Customized writing support
Our writing lab supports students during all phases of the writing process, with an emphasis on structure, voice, word choice, content and sentence fluency.
Submit paper for any course:

  • Academic Essay
  • Academic Summary
  • Admissions Essay
  • Business Writing
  • ESL Writing
  • Paragraph
  • Personal Narrative
  • Process Paper
  • Short Story


STUDY TOOLS – Powerful tools for all

Our study tools include:
SkillSurfer – a comprehensive library of captioned video lessons and practice tests prepared by the BrainFuse® Academic Team in a variety of core academic skills.
College Entrance Test Prep:

  • PSAT, SAT, ACT, Advanced Placement (AP)
  • CLEP Prep
  • TEAS
  • HESI

College Entrance Test Prep:

  • Accuplacer

College Entrance Test Prep:

  • TABE
  • TEAS
  • HESI

LEAP Learning – diagnostic tests for targeted academic support. LEAP helps you build academic skills through targeted lessons, quizzes, and live, online tutoring. LEAP creates your learning plan based on a skills assessment that you take at the beginning of the course.

Flasbulb – search our extensive library of flashcards in hundreds of subjects or create your own for efficient self-study. Play games from your flashcard sets. Study anytime, anywhere by taking your flashcards on the go with the BrainFuse® mobile app.

Foreign language lab – Games, quizzes, flashcards and spoken pronunciations to help you learn a new language or connect with a language tutor for help with your foreign language class.

BrainFuse has two unique collaborative tools: MEET and Brainwave. Schedule sessions with friends in our private virtual study room.