As a student, you should track your grade-point average. As discussed below in this student handbook under “Standards of Academic Progress,” you must maintain a grade-point average at a certain level in order to stay at CCTC the next semester. At the end of the semester, grade-point averages GPAs) are computed for the academic work completed for that semester and for the cumulative academic work completed while at the College. Unless a course is repeated, the grade-point average is determined by dividing the total number of grade points by the number of attempted semester hours as shown in the following example. Every course carries a certain number of credit hours, usually 3 or 4 semester credit hours. The number of credit hours appears in the “Course Descriptions” section and the “Programs of Study” section in this catalog. If you repeat a course, the highest grade earned will be used in computing the cumulative grade-point average. Your record will continue to show the original grade awarded, but only the highest grade will be calculated in your GPA.

GPA calculation example

CourseAttempted HoursGradeGrade ValueTotal Quality
ENG1013.0C26.0 (3.0 x 2)
MGT1013.0F00.0 (3.0 x 0)
CPT1703.0B39.0 (3.0 x 3)
MAT1103.0A412.0 (3.0 x 4)
SPC2053.0D13.0 (3.0 x 1)
 15.0  30.0

Grade-Point Average = Total grade points (30.0) divided by attempted credit hours (15.0) = 2.0.
The grading system reflects a 4-point scale: A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0, WF=0.

Student Records

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