Central Carolina Technical College recognizes that a student’s circumstances may change throughout the year. Students wishing to appeal their academic suspension status or their maximum hour limit due to extenuating circumstances are required to complete an Academic Appeal Form which may be obtained from the college’s website or Student Records. Academic Appeals must be submitted to Student Records with appropriate documentation by the close of business the Wednesday before classes begin.
The appeal must provide justification as to the reasons a waiver should be granted and should outline any extenuating circumstances that may have affected the student’s academic progress. Acceptable extenuating circumstances for appealing academic suspension are

  • Hospitalization for an extended period of time (doctor’s verification must be attached to the appeal)
  • Divorce/separation/family crisis causing extreme hardship (divorce decree, separation agreement or verifiable documents must be attached to the appeal)
  • Death or serious illness in the immediate family causing extreme hardship (a verifiable document must be attached to the appeal
  • Other verifiable circumstances causing hardship and significantly contributing to poor academic performance (a verifiable document must be attached to the appeal)

The Academic Appeals Committee will review each appeal and Student Records will inform the student in writing of the Committee’s final decision. A student returning from suspension re-enters the College on return from suspension status. Good academic standing may be regained if the student’s term and cumulative GPA is 2.0 or greater at the end of the first semester after returning. If the cumulative GPA is below 2.0 but his or her current GPA is 2.0 or greater, the student will be allowed to continue on academic warning status. If both the cumulative and current GPA are below 2.0, the student will again be suspended for two semesters with no appeal.
Academic standing and the academic appeal process are separate from financial aid standing and the financial aid appeal process. A student who is on return from suspension status is not automatically eligible for financial aid. Students should contact the Financial Aid Office for questions regarding their financial aid.

Student Records

(803) 778-6654, ext. 254