Easily get the experience you need for your future career through a registered apprenticeship program that works in alliance with Central Carolina Technical College dual enrollment programs. CCTC works in partnership with Apprenticeship Carolina to offer high school students valuable on-the-job experience. These programs combine your current high school curriculum and CTE dual enrollment coursework at CCTC, with critical on-the-job training from a local employer. As a youth apprentice, you will receive education and skills while earning a paycheck. Upon successful completion, you will have highly sought-after skills and experience that could make your career possibilities limitless.

Student & Parent Information PowerPoint

  • Administrative Office Technology
  • Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering Technology
  • Business
  • Computer Science
  • Criminal Justice & Paralegal
  • Early Care & Education
  • Environmental & Natural Resources
  • Human Services
  • Nursing & Health Sciences

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  • Rising high school junior or senior in Sumter, Lee, Kershaw, or Clarendon County (public or private school)
  • 16 years of age or older*
  • Must be “college ready” or meet Next Generation ACCUPLACER test score requirements
  • Submit a complete application packet
  • Complete a free Career Readiness Training program through CCTC
  • Employers may have other requirements

*Some employers may require participating students to be 18 years old by job start date

Hire a Youth Apprentice Form

Become a Youth Apprentice Form

Learn & Earn

This is a “learn and earn” opportunity and students must be hired by one of the participating employers in order to become a youth apprentice. Once applications are sent to the companies, all hiring decisions are made by the employers. Central Carolina Technical College does not “place” applicants with companies, and students must be prepared to go on job interviews and regularly check their phone and email messages. Be sure and check your messages! Upon successful completion of the program students may be able to earn:

  • High school diploma
  • Academic credit toward a CCTC Certificate program
  • Credential from the U.S. Department of Labor
  • Highly valued work experience
It Can Be Competitive

As with any job search and application process, there is no guarantee that a student will be hired. This is not to discourage interested students from applying, but it is a competitive program.

This is a two-year commitment

Once a student is hired as a youth apprentice, he or she makes a good faith, two-year commitment to the employer and to the corresponding CCTC CTE Dual Enrollment program. Even if a youth apprentice moves through the college curriculum at an accelerated pace, companies are hiring with the expectation that the apprentice will be with them for the entire program.

Reliable Transportation Is a Must

Youth apprentices must have reliable transportation to work and to attend CCTC classes. This may mean a parent or other responsible licensed driver needs to provide rides to work and school.

Grades and Attendance Matter

Youth apprentices are required to be successful in their CCTC courses. Youth apprentices are expected to attend every class session and complete all assignments by their due date. Youth apprentices who fail a required course will be responsible for the cost of retaking it, and failing grades may jeopardize their continuation in the program and/or their eligibility to receive Lottery Tuition Assistance.

Expect Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Some examples of anticipated expenses include:
1. Transportation
2. Appropriate footwear for employment
3. Books and fees
4. Other related employment expenses

The Youth Apprenticeship Curriculum Leads to a Certificate

The required courses in each apprenticeship program may lead to a certificate from Central Carolina Technical College but is dependent on student participation, good grades and attendance. Some CTE programs may require further coursework after high school graduation, including Associate Degree programs. Additional coursework outside of the program, and/or after graduation may not be covered and may require additional or different financial aid or funding.

When You Have More Questions

Contact apprenticeships@cctech.edu