The application for the CCTC Foundation Scholarship Program for academic year 2023-2024 is closed.

Applications are reviewed in March and April. If you applied, you will be notified by email in May if you did or did not receive a Foundation Scholarship. If you have any questions, please email Thank you for your interest!

Completing one application is all you need to do to apply for all scholarships offered through the CCTC Foundation Scholarship Program. Scholarships are awarded based on funds available, donor specific criteria and Scholarship Committee review. Scholarship funds may not be used for transitional courses or transient students.

The following criteria is required:

  • Must have applied to and been accepted to a CCTC program of study
  • 2.0 or higher grade point average (GPA)
  • Enrolled in at least 6 credit hours

Note: Following notification of a scholarship award, recipient must sign an acceptance letter agreeing to the terms of the scholarship and write an appreciation letter to the scholarship donor. Information regarding submitting the acceptance letter and appreciation letter will be included in the awards notification.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need a username and login?
Yes, this ensures you can return to the application if you do not finish or just access the application later. The acceptance letter and appreciation letter will also be submitted using this portal.

What do I need before filling out the application?
You will need a copy of your unofficial transcript to finish the process. You must also be aware of your status next academic year (full time, part time, expected graduation date). Also, you will need your C# and CCTC email address – you must be enrolled to apply. 

Is the Foundation Scholarship Program the same as Central Carolina Scholars?
No, these are two different programs. Both offer ways to pay for college, but the Foundation scholarship program awards to current students based on a variety of criteria.

Can I apply if I received other financial aid?
Yes, as long as the financial aid you received does not fully cover your tuition. CCTC Foundation Scholarships are nonrefundable so any unused dollars will be returned to the CCTC Foundation. You will not be given cash for this award. Curriculum required books and supplies (nursing kits, welding kits, etc.) can be purchased through the CCTC Bookstore. These receipts are to be turned into the college’s Business Office for reimbursement. Receipts from other vendors will be accepted if applicable.

When will I find out if I have been awarded a scholarship?
Applications will close on March 16, 2023 and students will be notified of awards in May 2023.

What do I submit as my grade point average (GPA) if I received my GED?
Students can find a correlated grade scale and step by step instructions HERE

Foundation Scholarships

Anna Lee Edwards, RN Nursing Scholarship
Barbara Wells Educational Scholarship
Loretta Barr Memorial Scholarship
Carlyle Baxley Scholarship
Central Carolina Technical College Area Commission Scholarship
Central Carolina Technical College Faculty and Staff Memorial Endowment
Central Carolina Technical College Foundation
Central Carolina Technical College Foundation Board
Central Carolina Technical College Foundation, Project
Central Carolina Technical College Foundation, Special
Central Carolina Technical College Foundation Veterans Scholarship
Central Carolina Technical College Nursing Scholarship
Central Carolina Technical College Scholarship
Charles Purdy Macdonald, Jr. Scholarship
Cogsdill Tool Products, Inc. In Honor of Stuart Cogsdill, Founder
Courtney Anne Bell Scholarship Endowment
Dr. and Mrs. Milton Weinberg Memorial Scholarship Endowment (Milton Weinberg, MD and Ethel H. Weinberg, RN)
Dr. and Mrs. Wendell M. Levi Jr. Nursing Scholarship through the Tuomey Foundation in honor of Elizabeth Caulkins, RN
Dr. and Mrs. Wendell M. Levi Jr. Nursing Scholarship through the Tuomey Foundation in honor of Fair Edmunds, RN
Dr. and Mrs. Wendell M. Levi Jr. Nursing Scholarship through the Tuomey Foundation in memory of Frances Driver, RN
Dr. S. Perry Davis Memorial Scholarship
E.C. “Red” Kneece Memorial Scholarship
Elly’s Gift Scholarship
Environmental Scholars Endowment
Evening Pilot Club of Sumter – Judy H. Rorick Scholarship
Friend’s of Pearl Fryar’s Topiary Garden
Gene Boyle Brading Endowment
Gene Haas Scholarship
Jack Hossink Memorial Scholarship
Jordan United Methodist Church Scholarship
Kevin Wayne Ardis Memorial Scholarship
Kiwanis Club of Sumter
Lawrence Knox and Barbara Hart Knox Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Leonard E. Blomquist Memorial Endowment.
Lions Club of Sumter
Margie V. Brunson Scholarship
McCoy Memorial Endowment
Meritor, Inc. Scholarship Endowment
Miley Endowment
P.E.O. Scholarship Chapter Q
Pilot Club of Sumter
Reader Mood McClary Foundation Scholarship
Robert Marye, Sr. Memorial Scholarship
Rosefield Endowment
Rotary Club of Sumter
Rotary Club of Sumter Palmetto
Rotary Club of Sumter Sunrise
Ruth and David Martin Scholarship
SAFE Federal Credit Union
Second Look Charities
Second Look Charities – Mildred Yvonne Williams Scholarship
Sheheen, Hancock & Godwin, LLP. Scholarship
Fred R. Sheheen Memorial Scholarship
Sumter Clarendon Lee Medical Alliance
Sumter Clarendon Lee Medical Society
Sumter Soil and Water Conservation District
Susan Witkowski Scholarship
Tyler Russell Memorial Scholarship
Wallis D Cone, M.D. and Margaret Dickson Cone Scholarship Endowment
Water Environment Association of South Carolina
Whit Wharton Memorial Endowment
William M. Goodwin Memorial Endowment
Underwood Fund