Tonyea Daley

Tonyea Daley, Engineering Design Technology

Tonyea Daley is a graduate of CCTC’s Engineering Design Technology program and is now an instructor at CCTC. “I chose CCTC of convenience and affordability and I specifically chose Engineering Design because I wanted to develop and innovate new things. CCTC has impacted my life by providing opportunities and teaching me the importance of education and networking,” says Daley. When asked what encouraged her to become an instructor, she says “Honestly, I think having the opportunity to give back to the college that originally helped me is so powerful. I had a great teacher, Richard Lavergne, who once told me and showed me that I have the potential to be more. When I got the opportunity to have the same chance to impact a student’s life as Richard did for me, the decision was simple. To anyone looking for a new beginning and who doesn’t know where to start, CCTC is the place for you. For anyone interested in creating designs, 3-D printing or wanting to see a glimpse of the engineering world, the Engineering Design Technology program is your next stop!”

Stephanie Caro - Alumna

Stephanie Caro, Accounting

Central Carolina gave Stephanie Caro a head start on her bachelor’s degree without acquiring an overwhelming amount of debt. Caro completed her associate degree in accounting in 2016. She transferred her credits to the University of South Carolina where she is currently attending while working at Sheheen, Hancock and Godwin, LLP a well-known accounting firm in Camden, SC. After she completes her classes this academic year, she plans to take her CPA exam with the goal of being a CPA or partner in a firm. She encourages other students to see their education through and quoted former First Lady Michelle Obama, “Because that’s one thing people can’t take away from you is your education.”

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