The Early College and Dual Enrollment program is when a high school junior or senior is also enrolled in college while earning high school and college credit. CCTC offers the Dual Enrollment program within the surrounding four county area: Clarendon, Kershaw, Lee and Sumter in partnership with high schools, private schools, charter schools and homeschool associations.

Tuition is free with a minimum of 1 year SC Residency and taking six credit hours each semester. However, students may be responsible for paying for any applicable textbooks/inclusive access and/or fees; varies by school/school district.

Follow these 5 steps to be admitted:

Before applying, visit Early College/Dual Enrollment for more information on the program. Early College/Dual Enrollment applications have additional requirements as part of the application process. Additional requirements include:

  • Be 16 years old or a rising junior
  • High School Counselor Recommendation within the Application
  • Student Memorandum of Understanding within the Application
  • Parent Memorandum of Understanding within the Application
  • Waiver for Lottery Tuition Assistance Eligibility within the Application

Complete the FREE online application here.

First-time users should select “Sign Up” to create a username (email address) and password. Write down your login information and keep it secure so that you’ll be able to log back in at a later time.

Please use an email address that you regularly access. Please do not enter an email address on your application that is different than the one you use to set up your account. This will affect your ability to log back into your application.

Click “Save” after each section to save your progress. If you must log out and return, log back in using your email address and password. Make sure you sign and submit at the end for 100% completion.

Visit the Titan Start Portal to continue your application process to meet application deadlines, including contact information for your assigned Dual Enrollment Coordinator.

Applications apply online to the term for which they are completed.

If you have any questions, email or call 803-778-6605.

Review the Titan Start Portal for information about your specific requirements. Your Dual Enrollment Coordinator will review any unofficial transcripts and/or PSAT/SAT/PreACT/ACT scores and advise whether there are any unmet requirements requiring ACCUPLACER testing.

You can view Entrance Exemptions and Testing requirements here.

Once all requirements are met, you will be admitted to join the Titan Family.

Your School Counselor and Dual Enrollment Coordinator will continue to work with you to advise and register you for your classes. Check the Titan Start Portal for your Admissions decision, welcome letters, your username to access myCCTC and CCTCgo, the college’s mobile applications.

Visit your myCCTC account or use the CCTCgo app to view your Account Summary. Contact your Dual Enrollment Coordinator with questions about any outstanding balances on your account.

Attend the Early College/Dual Enrollment Orientation to learn more about your program, student services, first semester activities and how to become a successful student. Continue to visit the Titan Start Portal to access important information about New Student Orientation event registration. For more information, contact the Student Life Coordinator at 803-774-3336 or email