Exploring Yourself and Career Fit

The starting point for choosing a career pathway is exploring the uniqueness of you. Your values, interest, personality and strengths are major contributors to your satisfaction and motivation. It is much easier to find a job or career that fits you, versus changing yourself to fit a job or career. Who knows you better than yourself? The following services are provided to you to help you along the way in your discovery.

Individual Career Coaching & Consulting

Individual assistance is available to students at any phase of career development or the job search process.

Complete a Career Assessment

Career assessments are provided to students and alumni to explore how your values, interests and personality align with different career fields or academic majors.

  • eParachute, powered by BrainFuse – click on “Academic Tools”
  • TypeFocus – click on “Register” and Access Code is: cctc009
Online Resources

Available online resources provide insight and details into career pathways, career readiness and job outlook. Check out some online resources below: