Butch Presson

Butch Presson

In the 1970s, Butch Presson decided to take advantage of the GI Bill based on his service in the United States Navy. Presson decided to enroll in the Environmental Engineering Technology program at what was then Sumter Area Technical College – now Central Carolina Technical College.

After graduating in 1981, he worked in environmental operations for 40 years, becoming a part-time adjunct instructor at the Environmental Training Center (ETC) in 1995. In 2008, he retired from field operations and became a full-time Program Manager and Instructor at the Environmental Training Center.

He now works with environmental operators to help them prepare for the various levels of water and wastewater operator exams within the State Certification Program, and to obtain the required continuing education hours needed to maintain their certifications.

“My goal is to continue working for the ETC as long as I can still make a difference to the operators. All of these treatment plant operators have a tremendous responsibility in maintaining the quality of our lakes and streams as well as the water we drink. The treatment plant operator is the last link to a healthier and safe environment.” He has been teaching online courses now for around six years.

Because of his experiences, Presson believes that everyone should work to pursue an education, and especially one at Central Carolina.

“Education is always valuable, perhaps more than ever right now. Career opportunities are opening up as the business world is changing and adapting. Do some investigating, then work with an advisor and CCTC Career Services to figure out the best path for you.