Water Operator Certificate (WTRO)

(CIP Code 150506)

18 Semester Hours

The Water Operator Certificate program is designed to assist students who are pursuing a license in water treatment or distribution, which is a requirement to progress in the field. This Certificate has been approved by the South Carolina Department of Labor Licensing and Regulation to count as 1-year of work experience toward an operator license after completion of the trainee year and successfully passing the State Certification Exam. Employment in the field of study or advisor approval is necessary for admittance into this program.

This program is an online program.

courses required to complete this program

Following is a list of courses required to complete this program. Since some courses are offered once a year, courses should be taken in the following sequence in order to complete the program in a timely manner:


EVT 206 Introduction to Environmental Compliance 303

EVT 254 Industrial Safety and Emergency Response 303



EVT 102 Basic Water Treatment 303

EVT 255 Solid and Hazardous Waste 303



EVT 103 Basic Water Distribution 303

EVT 110 Introduction to Treatment Facilities 303



18018Program Total


This program is aligned with the following career cluster: Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

Program Contact

Castleberry, Joshua Department Chair, Environmental and Natural Resources