Central Carolina Technical College Publicity Release Form

Authorization for use of photography/video/voice

All persons taking photographs or video/audio recordings on CCTC property or of CCTC events must obtain a signed release form from any individual who is visibly recognizable in the images. Crowd scenes where no single person is the dominant feature are exempt. These rules govern photographs, video recordings, and audio recordings intended for use in any CCTC printed, digital or online publication of any marketing or public relations nature such as newsletters, viewbooks, social media or website postings, promotional items, or other related material. These rules are not in effect when photographing or video are taken of news events by the public media.
I, permit and authorize Central Carolina Technical College (CCTC) the right to use my photograph, my voice or quotes/excerpts of my written or verbally expressed words for purposes related to the educational mission of CCTC, including instructional and/or educational purposes, publicity, marketing and promotion of CCTC and its various programs.
I understand that use of my photograph/video/voice may be copied/reproduced and distributed by means of various media, including, but not limited to video presentations, simultaneous television broadcast/rebroadcast, radio transmission/retransmission, news releases, mail-outs, emails, billboards, signs, brochures, placement on websites and/or other electronic/digital delivery, social media, publication, display, or promotions on any and all other media. I have read and understand the above.
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