McLeod Health Partners in Nursing Education Programs

(Florence, SC, October 11, 2023) – As a partner in nursing education for the region, McLeod Health has made a contribution to an area nursing school. Support of valuable educational offerings is reflected in this year’s $25,000 gift to Central Carolina Technical College (CCTC).

Nursing represents the nation’s largest healthcare profession and the largest single component of hospital staff. By the year 2030, South Carolina will be one of four states with a nursing shortage of more than 10,000 according to an analysis by the US Department of Health and Human Services. Additional nurses will be needed to care for the aging population, who typically have more medical problems than younger people.

“The need for healthcare services is increasing as the number of aging baby boomers continues to grow,” stated Kim Jolly, Chief Nursing Officer for McLeod Health Clarendon. “As a result, more nurses are needed to educate and care for patients than ever before. It is crucial for our healthcare organization to support the education program at Central Carolina Technical College so that we can continue to educate nurses for years to come.

“We value our partnership with CCTC as they prepare our future nurses to provide compassionate medical care to our patients and families,” stated Jolly. “We are honored to invest in our students, our employees, and our community as CCTC continues advancing educational opportunities.”

According to Jolly, nurses serve an important role in the delivery of quality healthcare. “McLeod Health recognizes the value of our nurses’ contributions to patient care,” said Jolly. “They do so much to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently in our hospitals. Providing patient advocacy, promoting a safe environment, and participating in shaping health policies and patient education are also key nursing roles. With competent nurses as part of the medical team, McLeod Health is capable of carrying out its mission of providing quality healthcare for patients in the region.”

Central Carolina Technical College offers multiple stackable credential certifications in the area of allied health, allowing students to progress in the field of nursing. CCTC students can choose to go directly into the two-year ADN program to become a registered nurse. With the stackable credentials models, students can start with the Medical Assistant and/or Phlebotomy program, move on to earn higher certification, and then transition into the college’s ADN program which prepares students for the Registered Nurse (RN) boards.

“We are extremely grateful for this generous gift from McLeod Health,” said Dr. Kevin Pollock, Central Carolina Technical College President. “With the hospital’s continued support, we will be able to create a mutually beneficial academic-practice partnership where we maximize our resources, maintain cost-effective education and continue supplying frontline healthcare workforce to the communities we serve.”