Cynthia Johnson Selected as Top Titan for First Quarter of 2024

Cynthia Johnson, Admissions Coordinator, has been selected as the Top Titan for the first quarter of 2024.

Johnson’s supervisor says that she epitomizes the purpose of the college— to help students achieve their educational goals. Whether at the college or in the community, because of Cynthia’s longtime employment with Central Carolina, she is recognized as Ms. CCTC. She often gets questions wherever she goes, such as  Walmart, the grocery store, church, and even community events. She listens carefully to determine their needs and provides the best answers to get them started toward a resolution. Cynthia can always be counted on to provide the right information and is very honest when she doesn’t know the answer. However, that does not stop her from ensuring she finds the information to pass it along.

Finally, Cynthia is reliable. When Admissions was short-staffed from May through December, she stepped in to do whatever she was asked to do during the shortage and while new staff were learning their role. Her fellow admissions coordinators see her as a reliable resource to ask questions. Again, if she has no answer, she is the first to say she does not know and help to find out who they should ask. She always wants to know the answer in case the situation occurs again. Finally, Cynthia often says, “It brings me joy to help the students. I love meeting with the students. That is why we are here.”

Congratulations and thanks for all you do for the college!