CCTC Alumni Spotlight: Ra’Shidah China

Meet Ra’Shidah China, who was a graduate of the Early College program at Central Carolina Technical College in 2022. She was inspired by her mother, Gwen China Croskey, who attended, taught and still works at CCTC. Through her mother’s glowing praises of CCTC, she felt drawn to pursue her education at the institution.

During her time at CCTC, China excelled both academically and professionally. Graduating cum laude and inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa honor society, she earned her Associate in Arts degree before receiving her high school diploma! China’s dedication led her to earn a certificate in Business Management and various workforce development certificates. She was accepted into the CCTC nursing program and joined the Student Nursing Association.

Currently, China balances her time as a Licensed Health and Life Insurance Producer while pursuing her dream of becoming a Registered Nurse, with a focus on neonatal intensive care. Her career goals include exploring the opportunities as a travel nurse, earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees and ultimately becoming a Nurse Practitioner.

To future Titans, China offers invaluable advice, “being a Titan today makes one of the BEST professionals tomorrow!” She encourages prospective students to seize the opportunities at CCTC, emphasizing the caring and highly qualified faculty and staff who are dedicated to student success.

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