CCTC Alumni Spotlight: Josh Arrants

2002 graduate Josh Arrants expressed his desire to work in conservation and highlighted how the Natural Resources Management Program at CCTC offered a well-rounded education with hands-on opportunities. As a nontraditional and first-generation college student, he says CCTC played a crucial role in his success as both a student and a professional.

As a Magna Cum Laude graduate of both CCTC and USC Columbia, Arrants boasts a distinguished career spanning 23 years, where he has managed threatened and endangered species in diverse ecosystems across the United States. Beyond his hands-on conservation work, he has served as a Natural History instructor for various organizations and government agencies nationwide. Arrants held the position of president on the board of directors for The Glacier Institute, an education partner of Glacier National Park and Flathead National Forest. He also shared his expertise as a guest lecturer at multiple colleges and universities. As the owner of Arrants Outdoors, LLC, an environmental consulting firm, he contributes to biodiversity and sustainability initiatives. His commitment to education is evident through his generous donations of field guides and reference materials to CCTC’s Natural Resources Management Program. Arrants’ philanthropic efforts extend to founding the Nicole Chadwick Memorial Scholarship through the SC Wildlife Federation, honoring a remarkable wildlife biologist and mentor.

His message for future Titans is “CCTC is the perfect place to continue your education or to return to the classroom to pursue your goals for a better career and life. The faculty and staff at CCTC are wonderful resources to prepare you for higher degrees and/or a more fulfilling career. I am so fortunate to live my dream of being a naturalist and conservationist every single day, and that all began the very first day I walked into CCTC. This unbelievably rewarding career would not have been possible without my time as a student at CCTC over 20 years ago.”

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