Mechatronics Instructor (112619).

CLASS / SLOT:                     

UG70 / 0017.


Demonstrates thorough knowledge of teaching area subject matter and teaches courses during day, evening, Saturday, on campus and off campus, dual-enrolled and online when requested. Maintains all required class/laboratory and exam meeting times for assigned courses. Evaluates students’ progress (tests, exams, projects, research assignments) in a timely and consistent manner. Prepares daily lectures/activities and supplemental course materials to enhance instruction. Examines new textbooks and software. Institutes new methods and ideas to improve courses utilizing course outcome data. Develops, revises, and improves course syllabi for all courses taught. Assists students with career/academic goal development and registration. Advises all assigned advisees and monitors their progress toward graduation. Maintains accurate administrative records pertaining to classes. Performs all academic administrative and college related duties in a timely manner including grade reporting, class roster verification and course data collection. Posts and maintains required office hours to assist and advise students.


Associate Degree in Electricity/Electronics; Degree and/or Certificate in Mechatronics and relevant industry experience.


Commensurate with education and experience.

POSTING DATE:                  

January 4, 2024


START DATE:                      

March 1, 2024

Apply online at or visit NOTE: Do not call to confirm receipt of your application unless you have not received acknowledgement after one week. CCTC is an EOE/AA employer.