Interested in becoming a nurse, medical assistant, pharmacy technician or some other highly sought-after occupation within the healthcare industry? The healthcare industry collectively assesses, treats and administers care for millions of people of all ages. It’s a growing field that offers many opportunities for employment in direct patient care as well as allied health professionals who assist clinical caregivers. Explore our healthcare programs listed below:

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Information Technology

Interested in becoming a network technician, application programmer, cybersecurity specialist or another high-demand occupation within the IT industry? The majority of today’s businesses and organizations rely on computers and information technology to share and store information. IT hardware, software and systems require highly trained workers to maintain and monitor them or to design, develop or modify documents using microcomputer application software. Explore our information technology programs listed below:

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Interested in becoming a CNC operator, machine tool operator, robotics technician, mechatronics technician or other in-demand occupation in the manufacturing industry? Because of the fast-growing nature of industrial technology, those who have developed skills are in high-demand. Students who enroll in our industrial and engineering programs can graduate with job security as well as good wages. Explore our manufacturing programs listed below:

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STEM – Related Industry

Interested in becoming an automotive technician, crime scene investigator, HVAC technician, paralegal or other highly sought-after occupation within the STEM-related industry? CCTC’s variety of STEM-related programs offer opportunities to pursue what you love with the potential for employment in state-of-the-art industries. Explore our STEM-related programs listed below:

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