CCTC will reimburse employees in permanent positions $15 per month of their monthly membership fees with proof of attending a minimum of 8 times per month. This reimbursement will be made on a quarterly basis through payroll and is taxable.

We have also partnered with several local fitness centers to offer additional discounts:

  • YMCA will waive the joining fee for CCTC employees and offers a complimentary Fitness Orientation with a mini Health assessment
    Membership rate card and information – YMCA
  • WorkOut Anytime offers a $1 enrollment fee with sign up. Employees pay their first month of $29 and enrollment fee of $1 for a total of $30 with a valid CCTC ID.

Some gyms, such as YMCA automatically send the attendance records but they can also be emailed, hand delivered, or mailed. For questions, concerns, or inquiries please contact:

Andrea Greene

Employee Relations Assistant

(803) 778-6688, ext. 288

M300A - A3