Kayla Bird

TOP TITAN: Kayla Bird
Advisement and Support Center Advisor

Originally, Kayla joined Central Carolina as part of the Help Desk and provided technical support to the college community. A little over five years ago, she shifted service and helped implement the college’s Quality Enhancement Plan, becoming a Freshman Advisor in the Freshman Focus Center. In this position, Kayla advised first-time students, provided technology classes and assignment assistance for students in COL 105, completed student plans in Degree Works, gave student orientations, and connected students to other resources at the college. Bird developed the first Advisor Handbook and provided training to faculty.

Recently, Kayla helped reorganize and transform the Freshman Focus Center into the Advisement and Support Center. In her new role as Advisement and Support Center (ASC) Advisor, she manages the ASC and provides advisement and support to students in the Associate in Arts, Associate in Science and Pre-Nursing programs.  Kayla is a truly gifted and compassionate human. She is passionate about advising and is an amazing student advocate. She exemplifies every aspect of Excellence, Integrity, and Innovation and is, positively, a CCTC Top Titan!