The Environmental, Health, and Safety Certificate program will prepare graduates to evaluate and remediate workplace and environmental hazards in order to promote public health. Graduates of the Certificate will be prepared to enter the workforce as a technician or continue their education and obtain an Associate Degree in Applied Science with a Major in Environmental Engineering Technology. The program prepares students for a career in industrial hygiene, industrial safety and health, toxicology, risk management, public health, regulatory compliance, and occupational health.

The Certificate is designed to prepare graduates to recognize regulatory issues and maintain a safe workplace. The program content is applicable to industrial and construction personnel as well as individuals responsible for safety at public works departments, city and county governments, emergency response teams, and civil defense workers. Employment in the field of study or academic advisor approval is necessary for admittance into the program.

This program is an online program.

This program is aligned with the following career cluster: Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics.

Program Contact:

Joshua Castleberry

Dean, Workforce Development & SCETC

(803) 778-6601, ext. 201