The Basic Air Conditioning and Heating Certificate program prepares graduates for numerous careers in the HVAC/R field. Job opportunities in heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration include these fields: sales, installation, service technician, maintenance and repair, and operations. Instruction includes both theory and practical work in refrigeration and air conditioning principles, calculations, the study of electrical machinery, and various related service courses, including domestic refrigeration and refrigeration piping installation.

The heating and air conditioning industry is rapidly becoming one of the largest in the country. Air conditioning is a must for homes, offices, hotels, theaters, and industrial plants. New applications of air conditioning and refrigeration theory are announced daily.

This program is available during the day and evening; however, a different course sequence and additional time may be required to complete this program in the evening.

The Basic Air Conditioning and Heating Certificate is accredited by HVAC/Excellence.

This program is aligned with the following career cluster: Architecture and Construction.

Program Contact:

Chris Watkins

Academic Program Manager, HVAC/R

(803) 778-7886, ext. 486