Well Driller Courses

Between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2023, every South Carolina well driller must obtain twelve (clock hours) continuing education units or pass an exam of the next highest level. Well drillers should keep records of all courses attended. When you receive your renewal form in 2023, there will be a space to record the number of hours you have received. Continuing education can be obtained from schools, workshops, seminars, conferences, online training and/or in-house training sessions. For more information visit the SC Environmental Certification Board website at http://www.llr.sc.gov/env/.

A number of courses meet approved course topic criteria for well drillers.

·        Electrical Maintenance – 6 hours

·        Pump Maintenance – 6 hours

·        Basic Math (online & classroom) – 6 or 12 hours

·        Advanced Math (online & classroom) – 6 or 12 hours