Weapon Possession Violation

DATE REPORTED: 9-16-19 @ 10:00am
DATE OCCURRED: 9-16-19 @ 10:00am
NATURE OF CRIME: Weapon Possession Violation

An Adult Ed student on F E Dubose campus was found in possession of a firearm. Student was arrested and removed from campus immediately.

DATE REPORTED: 2/12/18 @1140
DATE OCCURRED: 2/12/18 @1140
NATURE OF CRIME: Sexual Harassment

Student reported that a male student followed her in the bathroom and attempted to make sexual advances. Clarendon County Sheriff’s Office was notified and responded to incident.

CCTC Case #1243

Disposition: Closed

DATE REPORTED: 12 October 2017 @ 1231
DATE OCCURRED: 12 October 2017 @0900
NATURE OF CRIME: Threats/Disturbing School

A student at the F.E. Dubose Campus made threats to an instructor during the class period. Student was removed from the campus and put on  No Trespass Notice.

Clarendon County Case #17012766

CCTC Case # 1230

Disposition: Closed