We're growing…week one of classes a great success!

It’s all about the numbers!  It began with 56, and now we’re up to 92…92 students who have enrolled and attended classes this week at Clarendon County Adult Education!  Our first registration event was held on Monday, August 24, and classes began on Monday, August 31.  It’s not too late for anyone to join…we have enrollment and registration every Monday at 8:30 or 5:00!  During the week, students took placement tests, learned their schedule, participated in orientation exercises, and even “liked” us on Facebook!  We are careful and considerate to meet the needs of all of our learners, so we have classes for GED preparation, earning your full SC High School Diploma, WorkKeys preparation, and upgrading reading and math skills for TABE, TEAS, Compass and much more.  Beginning the week of September 14, we will begin Adult Literacy classes and our ESL classes in the afternoons and evenings.  We’ve included some pictures so that everyone can see and be a part of our good times!

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