Titans Vax Up

COVID-19 vaccine Incentive Program
Oct. 4 through Dec. 13

Central Carolina Technical College encourages all members of the campus community to get vaccinated against COVID-19. COVID-19 vaccines have proved to be safe, effective, free and readily available. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines require two doses for maximum effectiveness; the Johnson and Johnson vaccine requires one dose. For more information on these vaccines, visit Different COVID-19 vaccines.

How does the incentive program work?

CCTC employees (full-time, part-time & adjunct) and students who are currently taking classes (dual enrollment/early college and continuing education not eligible) who are fully vaccinated and voluntarily submit their completed vaccination record card will receive an entry prize of $200. To receive the incentive, just fill out the vaccination submission form and upload a photo of your vaccine card at the link below.

If you would rather submit proof of vaccination in person, you can stop by the Marketing & Communications Department:

Main Campus in Sumter (506 N. Guignard Drive, Sumter SC 29150)
Building M500, Room M556

By submitting proof of vaccination, your name will also be entered to win an additional $100 prize! Each week, CCTC will randomly draw a total of 16 winners (8 students and 8 employees) to receive that prize. Once a winner has been chosen, their name will be removed from the remainder of the weekly prize drawings.

*Marketing will communicate with those are who are selected as a winner. For those who agree, their name will be announced on social media.

At the end of the incentive program, CCTC will randomly draw a total of 2 winners (1 student and 1 employee) to receive a grand prize of $1000! Everyone is eligible for the grand prize, regardless if you were a weekly winner.

CCTC will only use the information submitted for purposes of this incentive program. All uploaded files will be destroyed at the end of the program and will not be shared with outside parties.

How will I receive my incentive/prize payment?

For employees, you will receive a direct deposit payment through payroll. For students, you will receive a direct deposit applied to your Bank Mobile card.

*taxes will apply to any prize given to employees or students.

*Funded through the federal government Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds.


Each week, 16 winners will be announced for our weekly drawing (8 employees and 8 students).

On Dec. 13, 2 winners will be announced as winners of the $1000 grand prize.

Submission Deadline | Drawing Date

Oct. 10 | Oct. 13

Oct. 17 | Oct. 20

Oct. 24 | Oct. 27

Oct. 31 | Nov. 3

Nov. 7 | Nov. 10

Nov. 14 | Nov. 17

Nov. 21 | Nov. 23

Nov. 28 | Nov. 31

Dec. 5 | Dec. 8

Dec. 12 | Dec. 13

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit proof of vaccination?

  • Upload a photo copy of your vaccination card on the Vaccination Submission Form.
  • Bring your vaccination card to the Marketing & Communications Department on Main Campus (506 N. Guignard Drive, Sumter SC 29150, Building M500, Room M556)

How many times can my name be entered into the drawings?

You may only submit proof of vaccination one time. Once your name is pulled as a winner for the weekly drawing, your name will be removed. However, all names will be entered back into the drawing at the end of the incentive program so that all participants are eligible for the grand prize drawing.

Which vaccines qualify for the COVID-19 vaccine Incentive Program?

Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson.

*Must have received both rounds of Pfizer and Moderna before you can submit your card for the incentive program. Since Johnson & Johnson is one dose, you can submit after that initial dose.

When will I receive payment for submitting proof of vaccination?

Students – you’ll be notified by Bank Mobile when your deposit goes through.

Employees – deposits will start processing with the October 31 paycheck.

We thank you for your patience as we work to process all of your deposits.

What if I lost my vaccination card?

If you lost the card or did not receive one, you can return to the provider and request documentation or contact your state’s health department’s immunization information system. Find your state’s immunization information system online.

Who can I contact for questions about:

Bank Mobile information

Jennifer Clemons

Accounting Technician, Accounts Receivable

(803) 774-3322, ext. 322


Payroll/direct deposit information

Hillary Parker

Payroll Administrator, Human Resources

(803) 774-3320 ext. 320