Two more graduates don their Cap and Gown!

Our post from Facebook:
Congratulations to our latest and greatest graduate, James King, III of Alcolu! James has the distinction of scoring in the Honors level for his Social Studies GED! He will take his placement test for Central Carolina Technical College TOMORROW! That’s how quickly you can find your path!! Find us at Clarendon County Adult Education, 803-473-2531.
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Our post from Facebook:
She’s gone and done it! Congratulations to our newest graduate, Justine Jackson. Justine plans to pursue a military career, and she will take her Compass Test, the placement test for Central Carolina, on Monday! Her new life is taking off…follow her and our other graduates by contacting Clarendon County Adult Education today! Call 803-473-2531 or come by FE Dubose Career Center as soon as possible!
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