High School Diploma (HSD)

The high school diploma program is designed for adults who are interested in earning the credits to obtain a diploma.  The program offers a full range of high school credit courses including:   English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and a variety of elective subjects.  Completion of the required units (24) and passage of the ELA and Math HSAP Exit Exams lead to a South Carolina High School Diploma.

High School Equivalent Diploma (HSED) including GED Preparation

Registration for the HSED/GED classes will include a screening test (2 1/2 hours), which identifies any skills that need improvement prior to taking the official GED exam.  Clarendon County Adult Education offers the current 2014 series GED tests on computer.  Students must attend a minimum number of hours of test preparation to qualify for our Clarendon Scholars program, which will defer the cost of the exam for participants.


The program provides instructional services and assessment to those needing employability skill development for the purpose of job placement.  The Career Readiness certificate uses WorkKeys assessments in three skill areas:  Reading for Information, Applied Mathematics, and Locating Information.   Currently, we do not charge first time test takers, and offer preparation coursework to improve scores.  Subsequent tests are $10 each.

Citizenship / English as a Second Language (ESL)

Learn to read, speak, and write the English language correctly—regardless of your native language.  If you need help with basic English skills or tutoring for the Citizenship exam, this class is for you.  Individual needs are met through teacher instruction, computer instructions, and audio-visual aids.


The Literacy program is designed to meet the needs of the adult non-reader or low level reader. The goals of the literacy program are to give every citizen an opportunity to learn to read or to become a better reader and to make reading an integral part of the total community.


Prepare NOW to enter Central Carolina Technical College (CCTC).  Adult Education’s Math and Reading Skills Lab offers instruction to enable students to meet CCTC’s entrance requirements as measured by the Accuplacer testing program.


Students who enroll in Adult Education programs are responsible for their own attendance.  Clarendon County Adult Education Academic Core Values, including a dress code, will be distributed to all students upon entrance.  Further, students participate in pre and post testing at required intervals, specific to available programs listed.

College and Career Navigator Services

We have a designated staff member on-site whose role is to support students through the adult education process and their plans for continued education and higher level employment after earning their credential.  Our Transition Specialist is a Global Career Development Facilitator and assists with the recruitment and retention of adult education students.  This staff member helps students gain a knowledge and understanding of college expectations, armed forces requirements, or the types of jobs for which they are best suited and the availability of those jobs in our local area.