Our process has changed!  Registration and testing are in person, by appointment only for F.E.DuBose. Please call Ms. Simon at 803-473-2531 ext 637 to set up your appointment. East Clarendon and Summerton are accepting walk-in students for registration and testing. There are no fees charged for classes and programs.

Main Location:

Clarendon 2
F. E. Dubose Campus
Satellite Locations:

Clarendon 1
Community Resource Center
(back entrance by gym)

Clarendon 3
E.C. Middle School
(side entrance by softball field)

Registration Process for 17 year old prospective students:

  • Student and parent/guardian must meet with the Director by appointment only. Contact Lara Kolb at 803-473-2531 to schedule.
  • There are attendance requirements, and students must sign a behavior contract in order to attend. All 17-year-old students will incur a probationary status during the first semester of enrollment.
  • Students must have a signed waiver by the local school district superintendent prior to enrollment. Forms are available at the F. E. DuBose Career Center Office.
  • Students must withdrawal from their last school attended, and a Verification of Withdrawal form must be submitted from the school’s attendance office and to the GED testing office where applicable.
  • A copy of the most recent and up-to-date high school transcript must be submitted by the enrollment date.
  • We no longer accept 16-year-old students for enrollment into Clarendon County Adult Education.