A real person, with a name and a face and a family, calls STSM every single day. It could be you. And if it’s not you, it’s someone like you.
STSM is a private, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, incorporated in 1983. One of 14 rape crisis centers in South Carolina, STSM provides crisis intervention, advocacy, and support services to female and male child, adolescent, and adult survivors of sexual assault and abuse in Sumter, Richland, Lexington, and Newberry counties and education about sexual trauma issues.  STSM offers a 24-hour, seven day a week hotline for people experiencing crisis.

Contact Information:  1-800-491-7273 or www.stsm.org
Main Office: 3830 Forest Drive, Suite 201 Columbia, SC 29204 | T: (803) 790-8208 | F: (803) 790-8282 | stsm@stsm.org

Sumter Office: 533C Oxford Street, Sumter, SC 29150 | T: (803) 790-7208 | 24 Hour Hotline: (803) 771-7273

Hotline: (803) 771-RAPE (7273) (Richland/Lexington) | 1-800-491-RAPE (7273) (Newberry/Sumter)