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Student Support Services

Phone: (803) 778-7844
506 N. Guignard Drive
Building M100, Room M31
Sumter, SC 29150

Student Support Services Facts

  • In 1968, Student Support Services was authorized by the Higher Education Amendments and became the third in a series of educational opportunity programs.
  • SSS at CCTC was established in 2005
  • SSS serves students in Sumter, Clarendon, Lee and Kershaw counties
  • SSS students rated SSS services “Exceptional” with a 99% satisfaction rating

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Our students are achievers!

Student Support Services Program (SSS)

The Student Support Services Program provides opportunities for academic development, assists students with basic college requirements, and motivates students toward the successful completion of their postsecondary education. The goals of the program are to increase college retention, graduation, and transfer rates of students enrolled in the program. Student Support Services (SSS) also may provide grant aid to current SSS participants who are receiving Federal Pell Grant funds.

Eligibility Requirements:

Students must meet at least one of the following eligibility requirements:

  • You must meet federal income guidelines (Pell Grant)
  • You must be a currently enrolled first-generation college student
  • You must have a documented physical, psychological, or learning disability
  • You must have a need for academic assistance


  • Complete a SSS application and turn it in to the SSS office:
    TRIO-SSS-Application. To be considered for Student Support Services (SSS), the entire application packet must be completed.
  • Sign application on all required pages.
  • Submit the following documents with your application:
    • A copy of your parent or guardian’s most recent federal income tax form or your tax return
      Note: W-2 Forms Are Not Acceptable
      A printout from the Social Security Administration or the Department of Social Services is acceptable as income verification, if the family’s sole income is social security or AFDC benefits
    • A current CCTC Semester Schedule
    • o A copy of your Student Aid Report (SAR)
  • Contact the Student Support Services office to schedule an appointment to meet with a SSS Counselor.


  • Academic Advising – Ensures SSS students meet course requirements to complete programs in a timely manner
  • Tutoring – Provides accessibility to one-on-one or group tutoring
  • Counseling – Provides academic, personal, financial, and career counseling
  • Financial Aid Assistance – Assists students with financial aid information/options, opportunities to win TRIO scholarships
  • Career Planning – Conducts career planning sessions with students
  • Academic Development – Offers an array of workshops covering topics on finances, time management and test anxiety
  • Cultural Events – Provides cultural enrichment activities/events
  • Campus Visits – Provides opportunities to visit four-year colleges and universities to explore transfer options.
  • Transfer Planning – Assists with four-year college transfer planning