TRIO SSS is a Student Support Services program whose mission is to increase college retention, graduation, and transfer rates of students enrolled in the program. To fulfill this mission, we provide academic support services to all participants who are willing to commit themselves to the requirements of the TRIO SSS program.

TRIO is a federally funded post-secondary education program designed to provide academic assistance and support to Central Carolina Technical College students who meet the eligibility requirements. Federal guidelines direct the program toward students who are from low-income families, first-generation college students and students with documented disabilities. Students must also demonstrate an academic need for our program.
This program is offered free of charge to participants.

TRIO at Central Carolina Technical College provides students with a variety of support services including:

  • Tutoring
  • Advising/scheduling assistance
  • Counseling (academic, personal, financial, and career)
  • Cultural events and college tours
  • Mentoring
  • Scholarship and application information
  • Four-year college transfer planning

To participate in TRIO programs, the student must meet at least one of the eligibility requirements:

  • Meet federal income guidelines
  • Currently enrolled first-generation college student
  • Have a documented physical, psychological, or learning disability
  • Have a need for academic assistance

TRIO Staff

Singleton, Christi Administrative Specialist, Student Support Services
McCray, Harriet H. Transfer Counselor, TRIO Student Support Services
McDonald, Richard Assistant Director, TRIO Student Support Services
Parker, Gwendolyn Director, TRIO Programs (Student Support Services and Veterans Upward Bound)

Veterans Upward Bound Staff

Adams, Sha-mee Academic Counselor, Veterans Upward Bound
Strachan, Paulesha Administrative Specialist, Veterans Upward Bound
Pelletier, Wes Assistant Director, TRIO Veterans Upward Bound