Recent graduates show their mettle…determination and focus are the keys to success!

This year is certainly going by very fast, and we are excited to celebrate the accomplishments of our recent graduates.  Our official graduation ceremony and celebration will be Thursday, May 12 at 7:00 p.m. in the auditorium at F.E. Dubose Career Center.  We will have a very special guest speaker who we will announce later this week!
Graduates #16 and #17, Dustin Moore and Kaitlynn King, sure did it their way!! Kaitlynn was on a super-fast track, enrolling with us in December and completing two exams at time just this month! Dustin took a short detour to the Charleston area, but returned to us for his final section and completed his GED in March as well. Both have big plans for their next step…Kaitlynn is here at Central Carolina today taking her COMPASS placement test to begin her pursuit of a degree in healthcare, and Dustin is in Sumter taking the ASVAB as he begins his lifelong dream of a military career. Future’s so bright, we’re almost ashamed!
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Here we go again! Graduate #18 is a special lady who found strength in returning to school this year and made it through with some serious focus and determination! It wasn’t supposed to happen this way, but it was supposed to happen!! Carolyn “Weezie” Barrett, we are so proud of you! Weezie plans to move on Central Carolina to complete her college coursework…we know she will be successful no matter what!
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19 is a lucky number for him…congratulations graduate #19 Billy Brock! (His birthday is also on the 19th of the month during the winter). Billy will finish up at F.E. Dubose later this month, testing for his certification in welding, and then move on to Central Carolina to further his education. He came this year in November and finished with a flurry and in a hurry in April…not bad for less than six months! We proud of you, Billy!! Great job!
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