General Technology (GNTC), Secondary Technical Specialty in Fire Science

(CIP Code 309999)

60 Semester Hours

Central Carolina Technical College will award exemption credit for Certification Training from the National Fire Academy or the South Carolina Fire Academy. Up to 24 hours of exemption credit will awarded based on the criteria set forth by the South Carolina Technical College System. Exemption credit will be applied toward the Associate in Applied Science Major in General Technology after the first semester of successful college course work and used to satisfy the Secondary Technical Specialty and Additional Technical Course requirements. The other coursework necessary to complete the associate degree will be determined by the advisor in consultation with the student and defined in an individual Student Program Plan.

Developmental Courses

This program of study requires that all developmental courses must be completed prior to graduation. These developmental courses may or may not be prerequisites to courses required in the program. Developmental courses are determined by placement tests taken at the time of admission into the College. The developmental courses are MAT 031, MAT 032, RDG 032, and ENG 032. These courses do not count for credit in any program of study.

Exemption Credit for Certification Training from the National Fire Academy or the South Carolina Fire Academy

National Fire Academy: Central Carolina will award exemption credit for National Fire Academy training based on recommendations made by the American Council on education (ACE) whenever such recommendations are available. If ACE recommendations are not available, the College shall award exemption credit based on the criteria listed below for the South Carolina Fire Academy.

South Carolina Fire Academy: Central Carolina will award exemption credit for South Carolina Fire Academy training on the following basis:
Every fifteen (15) contact hours of training plus a required final exam shall equate to one half (0.5) academic credit hour for purposes of granting exemption credit. The final exam may be a written exam and/or practical evaluation and must require a passing test score. A student must complete the training with an overall average of 70 percent or higher, including satisfactory completion of all required physical and practical exercises. Training sponsored and conducted by the South Carolina Fire Academy may be completed at the South Carolina Fire Academy facility in Columbia or at any other South Carolina Fire Academy designated site.
Not more than a total of 24 credit hours of fire service or related training (EMS, First Aid, First Responder, etc.) exemption credit may be granted toward an associate degree. Students may receive a maximum of 9.0 credit hours for SCFA 1000 series courses completed. All other SCFA coursework submitted for exemption credit must be at the 2000 series level or above.

Program Contact

Johnson, Gary Department Chair, Legal Studies